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Even regular cleaning with a toothbrush cannot always remove all residues in the oral cavity. Therefore, the removal of tartar and bacterial plaque is a necessary measure to prevent caries and gum disease. This prophylactic measure is also called professional teeth cleaning.

Are you unhappy with the color of your teeth?

With professional bleaching (whitening), we can gently whiten your teeth in just one session and one hour – with the Fläsh Whitening concept. This is a brand new concept in our practice. It is one of the most modern and innovative tooth whitening systems on the German dental market. Fläsh is only available from selected dental practices that can guarantee safe and professional use.

How does "fläsh" work?

With high-percentage hydrogen peroxide gel (32% H2o2), active chlorophyll and the Fläsh Whitening Lamp, a high-power LED technology, discolorations in tooth enamel are dissolved through an oxygen reaction.

In-office bleaching

This concept is known as in-office bleaching and belongs to the category of external bleaching, which can only be performed in a dental office. In total, it will take 3 passes of 15 minutes each. You will be thrilled by the quick “WOW moment” – the teeth appear brilliantly white after only one session.

For sensitive teeth and single tooth whitening

Special adjustments can be made for sensitive teeth and single tooth whitening, for example by the dentist applying the hydrogen peroxide specifically to the teeth to be whitened or varying the light output of the Fläsh Lamp.

Optimal coordination, satisfied patients, perfect results – see for yourself!

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More bleaching options

Home bleaching

For patients who prefer to optimize their tooth color bit by bit, we offer Fläsh “Home Bleaching” as another option. For this we will make individual dental splints for you in the laboratory. You can apply the bleaching agent (16% H2o2) yourself at home into the splints you wear at night. The lab-made splints cover the teeth exactly, preventing damage to the gums. Home bleaching can also be used as a refresher after having already been treated in our practice.

Bleaching individual teeth

Sometimes only individual teeth have become discolored from the inside after root canal treatment. Even in these cases we know how to help. For this, the respective tooth is opened and cleaned starting from the occlusal surface. Then we put a mild bleaching agent into the tooth for some time, which removes the gray shades. After internal bleaching, the tooth is re-closed with a new tooth-colored filling.

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