Magnifying glasses

Technical equipment of the practice: magnifying glasses, enables minimally invasive and tooth-friendly treatment We always work with illuminated magnifying glasses. This greatly magnifies the treatment area – up to 4x magnification allows us to work very precisely while being minimally invasive and thus gentle on the teeth.


By using a microscope, we are able to achieve an even higher magnification than with magnifying glasses. Our microscope can magnify up to 16 times and is used in particular for root canal treatment in order to be able to work particularly precisely and gently on the teeth.

Machine-assisted endodontics (root canal treatment)

Machine-assisted root canal treatment In machine-assisted root canal treatment, the tooth is treated by computer with a special rotating instrument. In this way, the tooth is only cleaned where it is needed and only the necessary amount is removed. You can find more information on this in the microscopic endodontics section

Electrometric length measurement

Electrometric length measurement using Raypex allows the length of your tooth roots to be determined to the millimeter. This method usually eliminates the need for multiple x-rays prior to root canal treatment and is easier on your health.

Digital X-ray

Berlin dentist digital X-ray Using digital X-ray technology helps us to protect your health, as the radiation exposure is significantly lower than with analog X-rays. In addition, we contribute to environmental protection, since digital X-rays do not require chemicals for development – your X-ray image appears immediately on our computer screen.

3D-supported implantology

Technical equipment of the practice: computer-assisted 3D implantology Three-dimensional imaging of our X-ray images gives us the opportunity to plan an implantation for you on the computer and to determine the exact position of your implant in the jaw using a template.


Technical equipment of the practice: AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master from EMS Airflow uses a powder jet device. The powder jet is directed onto your tooth surfaces with compressed air during a professional dental cleaning. This allows us to gently and painlessly remove any discoloration from your teeth.

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