Prophylaxis & preventive examinations

Even regular cleaning with a toothbrush cannot always remove all residues in the oral cavity. Therefore, the removal of tartar and bacterial plaque is a necessary measure to prevent caries and gum disease. This prophylactic measure is also called professional teeth cleaning.

The treatment usually lasts one hour and is tailored to your individual situation. Using precise instruments, soft and hard deposits are removed from the interdental spaces and from the smooth surfaces, polished and subsequently fluoridated following the oral hygiene recommendations “for you at home”. If necessary, discolorations are removed with a powder jet unit (Airflow).

Prophylaxe und Professionelle Zahnreinigung

Depending on your situation, prophylaxis includes:

Prophylaxis costs

The cost of professional dental cleaning varies from patient to patient depending on the individual service. For this reason, unfortunately, we can not quote a fixed price. In a personal consultation in our dental practice in Mitte we will be happy to give you more information about the individual costs for your prophylaxis treatment.

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