After the loss of a natural tooth, due to an accident or caries, for example, the resulting gap should be restored quickly, otherwise bone resorption and displacement of the surrounding teeth may occur.

What are implants?

Implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium or ceramic that are implanted into the bone. Individual artificial teeth as well as removable bridges and prostheses can be attached to the implants.


The implant / Implants step by step

1. Planning

During the implant planning process, the area in which the artificial root is to be implanted is measured and analyzed. Both conventional X-ray (2D) and digital volume tomography (DVT, 3D X-ray) are normally used for this purpose. After measurement and analysis, the implant position can be planned on the computer and, under certain circumstances, even an individual guide splint can be produced, which specifies the optimum position of the implant for the subsequent operation. If there is not enough space and/or bone, a bone augmentation procedure must be planned.

2. Bone augmentation

Bone augmentation can involve the use of bone from synthetic materials as well as the patient’s own bone from other areas of the body to increase the amount of bone in the area of the tooth gap. For more on different methods of bone augmentation – see Bone Augmentation.

3. Implant placement

When the implant is fitted, the artificial root is implanted into the bone in the place of the previous tooth root. The treatment is performed under a local anesthetic and is usually painless. The implant must now settle in the bone and, depending on the type of treatment, will be hidden under the gums (closed healing) or visible in the mouth (open healing).

4. Healing phase

The healing phase of the implant lasts at least two to three months. With closed healing, the implant must then be exposed with a small incision. During the subsequent stage of treatment, the artificial tooth is fixed to the implant – see Implant Prosthodontics

Implant - cost of a dental implant

Each implant procedure is planned according to the individual needs of our patients, so we cannot give you a realistic fixed price for an implant. You will receive a cost estimate from us, which you can submit to your health insurance company, and how high the subsidy for your treatment will be depends on the benefits provided by the respective health insurance company.

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